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In addition to this, you can empty up a few more gigabytes taken up by Dropbox folder and your Trash. Deleting your old files alone can recover you tons of space, but there are more space hoggers that fall under the Other data category. Every second your Mac is on, the macOS creates and piles up system files — logs, for example. At some point, the system needs these files, but they quickly become outdated and just sit there wasting your disk space. And guess what, they are in the Other Mac storage category, too.

These files are mostly temporary but they never actually go away unless you do something about it. So where do you even look for system files?

How to Delete Items From Other Users in Mac OS X |

In this folder you will find your applications and some searching will reveal a lot of space being taken up. You could delete these manually but a much safer and faster method is to use a specialist cleaning app like CleanMyMac X.

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Cache files are not just another invisible storage hog. They are often one of the worst offenders, often taking up gigabytes of precious space. The three main types cache are — browser, user, and system.

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Cache files are meant to help your system work faster, but over time they get bigger and bigger, eventually slowing your system down. If you already cleaned out system files from step 2, congratulations, in doing so you also cleared out your cache files. This will clear all the cache files on your Mac and considerably reduce Other storage on your Mac. While apps are, unsurprisingly, categorized as Apps on the Storage bar, their add-ons are under the Other storage category. Still, every bit counts. Tracking down all your add-ons can be a hassle.

What are “Other” files on a Mac and how to delete them?

Try disabling it first and see if your apps and your system work as expected. You can always remove that add-on later. Normally, archives and images are files you keep for a reason. However, if you think you might have accumulated some useless. To safely and easily remove all your old unused disk images, CleanMyMac X has a dedicated tool within the System Junk module.

Now you get a detailed overview of some ultra-specific categories of files that are normally invisible to you. Do you wonder what is Other storage and how to clean it up on your Mac?

What is Other on Mac Storage?

Well, it's the home to a number of files, cached data and more. Follow this complete guide to find out more about it and clear it off to retrieve plenty of precious storage on your Mac.

How To Free Up Space on Your MacOS Hard Disk By Delete Purgeable Memory, Other and Optimize Storage,

Hence, you will have to dig a bit deep to find the cached files and eliminate them on your Mac. Since you realize that your Mac has been occupying some additional stockpiling, why not look at what amount of the disk is being used up? Also Read: What is Other on iPhone.

Step 2. Now, check out the other storage space in different categories such as Movies, Apps, Photos, Audio, Backups. Also, check out the other storage space. However there are some useless things one would like to remove, specifically like system caches, temporary files and and other junk. Is it so?

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No, not at all, your disk will ultimately fill up and even if you have a huge disk, more data perhaps useless data means more slow computer. Whenever you need those files, you can re-download them.

Head over to this complete guide to use it on your Mac running macOS Sierra or later. Step 1.

How to clean up “Other Storage” on Mac

Click on Finder icon from the Dock and then select Go menu at the top right corner of the screen. Step 3. Step 4. If you regularly back up your iOS device using iTunes, you may have a lot of old unnecessary backups. Then, you need to select the backup you want to delete. Make sure not to delete the latest backup of your device. Just in case you have an iCloud backup, go ahead with the complete cleanup. Downloads folder need to be cleaned up from time to time.