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More than that, her facial expressions are so damn good they make her a human, believable character that you will care for. She will not get stuck against a wall or just stand there blocking your way. On the contrary, she will help you handing you valuable health packs, ammo and more , challenge you and really drive the whole story up to that magnificent climax at the end. They are no breakthrough by any means but still manage to impress. The art-style and attention to detail go very far and help create one of the most beautiful cities ever seen in a video-game.

Columbia is so beautiful that I promise you, more than once you will have to just stop and absorb the magnificent vistas it has to offer. Everything in this game screams high production value, including the characters. The bad guys around you are well detailed and are easily distinguishable, even from afar. Elizabeth, however, is in another ballpark. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1 (Mac) [Online Game Code]: Video Games

Her facial expressions are spot on and make her human and vulnerable. She will definitely be one of the most memorable parts of the game.

The music and sound effects are high quality too and enhance the overall experience. You would be surprised how strong the effect of that stressful combat-music is. Clearly, Aspyr knows how to handle first-person shooters. I never encountered one single bug while playing this game and ran smoothly all the time, even during sequences packed with bad guys and explosions. Infinite was truly optimized, offering high frames per second even while recording gameplay with every setting maxed out.

Compared to Borderlands 2 which was a good port , BioShock Infinite is better, offering better performance and more frames per second. The story alone is one hell of a ride and the fact you experience it alongside Elizabeth makes it even better.

BioShock Infinite Technical Information

Luckily, the gameplay mechanics, sound, and graphics managed to keep up, making this whole experience all the more immersive. Aspyr also deserves a word, as they managed to bring this experience to the Mac with no performance sacrifices. I find it strange you had such good performance on this I find Borderlands 2 runs flawlessly maxed out and I get lots of chop if I play high on Bioshock. Myself and others have reported seing better performance on Infinite than Borderlands 2.

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Then again, it depends on the machine and settings. In any case I still feel their port was solid. I completely agree with the review — an absolutely stunning game that I enjoyed from start to finish.

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I wish I could play at a higher resolution, but it played very smoothly indeed on my iMac It is one of the few games that I want to play through again. Same here, I completely fell in love with this game and Elizabeth was one of the main reasons! Shame this crap of system requirements..

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I originally played this game on PC and it worked really well. I have a really high-end iMac with a 2GB nVidia card and a quad-core processor. You should open a ticket there, they are always fast to answer: I took a while, but I finally finished the main game. My head exploded more than once, but it was so worth it. A fantastic game that will probably be one of my favorites for life. Let me know how much you like those! Then you can compare with the minimum system requirements listed on this page. This free tool uses the data from every game we've ever tested to show you what games your Mac can run.

Performance Clearly, Aspyr knows how to handle first-person shooters. Minimum system requirements: Operating System: OS X Previous Civilization V: Brave New World Mac Review. Next Interview with Gone Home developers. Intel's Iris Graphics will drive the visuals of the new Core iU chips. Then there's the significantly beefier Iris Pro Graphics , which should be offered as an option for more traditional notebooks and All-in-One PCs.

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