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Needs to be nerfed. User Info: Make him more op imo, then he'll be banned and no one can use him. Hand over your flesh, and a new world awaits you. We demand it. More topics from this board People keep saying Mac is bad, but I have Elite unlocked for him. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? He is S tier.

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If he could jump he would be SS tier. I know that people downgrade his kills because his gameplay requires a higher level of skills but he is way too op. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

10. Little Mac

Thread starter David Bott Start date Oct 7, Status Not open for further replies. David Bott Smash Rookie Oct 7, Joined Oct 7, Messages 1. Its annoying when you just see the same character over and over again: I know he is isnt very good once in the air but there anything else apart from that? Severn Smash Apprentice Oct 7, Yusa Smash Cadet Oct 7, Joined Jul 15, Messages Yeah, let him rush towards you and don't allow him to lure you in. Mac is all about his dodging and countering - so just like a real boxer - while his dash and other approaching options are rather predictable.

His side b, while you can still see it coming and knock him away once more, covers WAY more space than his up-B does vertically.

Super Smash Bros. Switch: 10 Overpowered Characters It Must Fix

Sure, how well you're able to do that depends on your character, but i find most down aerials work just fine. PeterJude Smash Ace Oct 7, Joined Aug 13, Messages David Bott said: Kokusho Smash Apprentice Oct 7, Joined Apr 5, Messages Am I the only one who think Little mac design is stupid?

You're basically overpower on the ground and worthless in the air. If you're facing LM, you got frustrated when fighting him cause he is clearly stronger than your character, then when you manage to gimp him you get no satisfaction cause you know you're just exploiting its glairing weakness like you should. LM feels like a Tekken character put in smash with no modification.

To me he just feels totally wrong as a Smash character and the fact you have to face him all the time online is anoying as hell. Also, For Glory mode only being on FD doesn't help. Last edited: Oct 7, Kokusho said: He's terrible in the air, so stages that involve a lot of jumping really limit his ability to offer pressure. In fact, Little Mac is probably one of the worst characters for fighting Master Hand along with Crazy Hand and Master Core , simply because his aerials are so bad. OFY Sonic main since 08' Oct 7, As everyone else mentioned, Little Mac is really bad in the air.

Most if not all of his aerials are useless, especially when trying to get back onto the stage. His side b has the same trajectory each time and it's not really instant like the spacies side-b so it's easier to punish in a sense. The only thing Mac has is a fast run speed which lets him kind of approach the opponent. Dash attack which is easily punishable it's slow. Overall if you dodge his KO move and realize his upsmash has armor on it, you should be good against him. Are you joking? Thoses bosses can be hit from the ground so you can destroy them very easily with rapid powerfull strike and fast dodges.

GreenFlame Smash Journeyman Oct 7, Well Little Mac certainly doesn't win all the time. I was watching some Little Mac replays and even some of what looked like pretty skilled players are losing the majority of them lost, 1 or 2 of them I watched won. He isn't OP, because despite his speed you can predict and shield then punish and he usually can't grab you while you're shielding because his grab is extremely short.

Hellrazor said: Little Mac feels just like a lulzy character. His useful moveset is so miniscule it's laughable. He relies so heavily on dash attack, tilts, and Fsmash that it doesn't take much more than thirty minutes to learn how he works. Qbopper Smash Rookie Oct 7, Joined Sep 27, Messages Qbopper said: Doesn't mean that people who know how to play him don't exist Joined Oct 5, Messages PolarPanda Smash Ace Oct 7, I've still been having a ton of difficulties with dealing with Mac's even with ledge tactics, but probably cause I haven't had much practice with them.

But he does seem to have exploitable weaknesses, especially that aerial game and punishing. PolarPanda said: I feel bad for the wasted moveset slots. But other than that, I don't have much of a problem with his aerials. His recovery options on the other hand If he were another all-around type character, he wouldn't be as interesting I would still totally main him, though. I think having an emphasis of dominance on the ground was a good idea Clemente Smash Journeyman Oct 7, Well, at least that's the case for me.

I really don't like Little Mac's K.

Little Mac = OP?

I don't think any one character should have that extra layer of play. Fafnir Smash Apprentice Oct 7, Joined Jun 25, Messages For what it's worth, in an actual tournament, any opponent worth their salt is going to autoban FD at the slightest possibility of going up against a Little Mac. For Glory is just a ridiculously broken mode, and Little Mac just happens to be one of the characters that really benefits from it. Unless Nintendo patches support for stages other than FD in Glory, that's just going to be the way it is Battlefield would have been the best option, really.

That said, for dealing with Mac, it's pretty straight forward, albeit incredibly boring.

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Just hang around the edges, grab, toss him off, and gimp him. If you can get an early stock lead, all you need to do is wait out the clock near the edge of the stage. He has to approach you, and you're at a huge advantage there. Even beyond that, against better Mac players, get used to trying to force an early stock lead and then waiting out the clock. No one really has the tools to approach him on FD, so he can easily control all of the momentum if you let him.

If you try to fight Mac on FD in pretty much any other fashion, you're probably going to have a bad time. So just wait him out. No one said fighting Mac has to be fun, just that it's doable. Joined Aug 9, Messages On the edge they aren't in huge advantage either, really, in hands of a good Little Mac player of course that know his tools, because we would just keep pressuring the shield with ftilts that are safe on block and out-ranges the grabs, i think that's enough for get them out of there but if they keep hanging there and with their shield half destroyed a good down tilted fsmash would end the work, and now with a fully charged smash from Mac incoming.

Or just keep pressuring until they get their shield off and receive that one-two punch.

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And you can't get your shield off and attack him because his ftilt is faster than that. When people do this to me in online they either get pressured until they receive a ftilt for free, dodge and receive a ftilt from the other side or get their shield destroyed. Hearing Venks is one of the best things that had happened to me, really the guy owns it.

Oh yeah, i forgot the main reason of this thread. When people get their way with you and throw offstage and gimp well What i try to say is that good Little Mac players won't let you do that that easy, Mac have the tools to defense himself to this, but if you do and do it right you'll win the battle. Captain Norris Smash Lord Oct 7,