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We even added in several Best of Beauty Award winners to round out the list.

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5 Best MAC Brushes: Brush Your Way to Perfection

It has a wide shape I've never seen before, but it's perfect for doing 'boy brows'. It's perfect to blend over smoky eyes and looks seamless. I use a clean one to slightly contour the nose and jawline. It won't make your makeup look too defined, streaky, or fake. The spoolie side of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 12 tames even the coarsest, unruliest brow hairs to help slick them down into defined arches.

The angled tip of the other end of the Best of Beauty Award winner deposits pigment with ease to fill in sparse areas. When I do one, especially when using powder eyeshadows, I want to blend and blend some more for seamless edges. The shape of the brush makes it especially good for blending easily and evenly.

The synthetic brush has a long, flat tip, which is ideal for packing color onto the eyelid. It's for blending or even working the cut crease trend. Also, you can use it to highlight the center of the eyelid. It's flat and round, so I can use this to press shadow directly on the lid or I can use the tip to softly line along the lash line.

It's meant to be a concealer brush and excels at it, but it also does a great job cleaning up lip lines or doing a strong cat eye. The Smith Cosmetics Microliner Brush won a Best of Beauty Award two years in a row for its stubby-yet-fine bristles that help create the fiercest flicks with simple strokes. The size is just like my finger — except you should never use your finger to apply concealer under your eyes.

Why starting with MAC..? I have had some MAC brushes for more than 10 years and they are still in good condition. Though I am having a lot more options these days , the MAC brushes in this post are still the most used and practical, and I highly recommend them in a heartbeat to everyone. Starting with Eye makeup brushes. MAC offers an abundance of options for eye makeup brushes — some are nice to have, and some are absolute essentials in my opinion. I have lots of them, and the must-haves for me are:.

MAC Blending brush — If you can only have one blending brush, make it this one! I have 3 of them — one for blending powder eye shadows, one for applying cream eye shadows, and one as a stand-by! This brush picks up less pigments, and it is great for applying a sheer wash of color. I mainly use it for applying shading color to the eye socket area all the way to the upper nose bridge for contouring.

The 3rd blending brush you need is the MAC Great for blending the colors in the crease area. MAC Pencil brush: Pencil brush is for drawing lines then smudging it for a softer blended finish. This is a firm and dense brush so it picks up lots of pigments, and the pencil shaped tip allows precise application around the eye corners and along lash lines. Absolutely must have if you like to smudge a soft wash of color along the lower lash line.

Morphe M523 Tapered Powder

MAC Large Fluff brush: Last but not least for blending, the MAC is magical! All you need is to dab a beige color and blend it under the brows for a cleaner eye makeup look. The soft and firmly bundled fibres are made with a buffed edge making the blending of powder products easy and seamless. This full, domed shape brush offers ultra-soft bristles and a short, large handle to create a polished and immaculate finish.

This makes it perfect for the precise application of blush, bronzer or highlight. Use as a spoolie to apply mascara, utilise the spiralled synthetic bristles to separate lashes or even use it to groom the brows. The precise tip allows for easy definition and the blend of synthetic and natural fibres pick up product with ease.

The MAC Makeup Brush Bible - Lookfantastic

Can be used with any mascara formulation. The fibres are cut at just the right length and density to ensure the smooth application of product to the eye area. The flexibility of the bristles also allow for the application of thicker lines making it a great option for any eyeliner fanatics. Can be used with all formulas for seamless multi-tasking. Use it to apply powder or cream products to the eyelid and the thick bundled design will pick up colour brilliantly for ultra-pigmentation.

The tapered, soft bristles are just the right texture to ensure the seamless blending of powder or cream products. Use in the contour of the eye for a perfect smoky look in seconds. The tapered design allows for perfect control within the eye area. The natural fibres create excellent pigmentation of product and the small size makes it great for precision work. Great to use with eyeshadow or even concealer, the rounded edge and small shape offers the freedom for precision and detailing.

Great with cream or powder products, use along the upper lash line for the even application of eyeliner. The soft full bristles ensure that powders are picked up and blended for an expert finish. Its soft, tapered dome shape is ideal for use in the crease of the eye. Perfect for the application of Mineralize products, use the brush all over the eye area for a soft and even finish. MAC Lip Brushes.

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The small, flat fibres with a tapered tip allow for crisp lip lining and the metal cover ensures hygiene and ease of travel. Perfectly designed to the contours of the lip, this compact lip brush is the ideal handbag companion.

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