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ReelSmart Motion Blur - RE:Vision Effects

Added Intel support for Final Cut Pro. Read about limitations. Fixed a bug that was crashing Final Cut Pro. This has been corrected. Added the improved tracking of Twixtor 4.

Fixed a crashing bug in combustion when interacting with parameters or scrubbing the timeline from within combustion on both Macintosh and Windows. Fixed a problem with crashing and hanging on multiprocessor Windows machines when deleting a plugin from a project or quitting a host application. Fixed a rare crashing bug. The same fix will avoid incorrect tracking when not causing a crash in some rate situations as well.

The Motion Sensitivity setting is now more continous when determining how far pixels are tracked in previous versions, the motion sensitivity only changed in discreet jumps. Because we've added new options in version 3. You'll see that we've renamed the plugin, and that it will show up in the applications as "RSMB 3. New features to both regular and Pro versions: Multiprocessor support added. Users will see a significant speedup on multiprocessor machines.

G5 optimization added for Mac versions of the products. We've added two few features: Prior to version 2. The newly added Motion Sensitivity option now allows you to limit how much pixels can move once a particular motion vector quality is chosen. This can help eliminate the "gloop" in creating new frames that is seen when objects pass over each other in the imagery.

The two layers are tracked, interpolated and warped separately. ReelSmart Motion Blur uses proprietary filling and tracking techniques when working on the background layer, even when it is obscured by the foreground! Because we've added new options in version 2. Support for 16 bits per channel from within After Effects 5.

ReelSmart Motion Blur After Effects-compatible plugin has been revamped so that Discreet combustion projects work correctly after saving and re-opening. ReelSmart Motion Blur After Effects-compatible plugin fixes a bug that crashes an application when the "Get Motion From" sequence is of a different size than the output sequence. ReelSmart Motion Blur 1.

ReelSmart Motion Blur provides you the option to remove as well as add motion blur. ReelSmart Motion Blur listens for user actions, making for greater interactivity with the host application. ReelSmart Motion Blur v. Furthermore, it continues to work with Commotion, Final Cut Pro although with some restrictions.

It does not work with the current version of Discreet's effect. Even better tracking than previous versions. Better tracking, leading to fewer anomalies i. After Effects.

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Catalyst Edit. DaVinci Resolve. Final Cut Pro. Flame, Smoke. Fusion Studio. Media Composer. Images will be watermarked if you have not purchased a license and registration key. Installed plug-in will work with After Effects 5. Our Effections bundles package the power of multiple plug-ins together for a great price. We offer several types of licensing options for both our interactive and render-only plug-ins: If you are interested in volume licensing or have other questions about these license options, please contact us.

ReelSmart Motion Blur Features

All floating licenses require installing our floating license server. Render-only licensing is for use with After Effects' render-only program 'aerender'. Note that the ReelSmart Motion Blur render-only licenses only work on projects written with an interactive license so you must have at least one standard, floating or Non-Floating interactive license for the render-only licenses to be valid.

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After Effects. Catalyst Edit. DaVinci Resolve. Final Cut Pro. Flame, Smoke. Fusion Studio. Media Composer. Movie Studio. Premiere Pro. Quantel eQ. Vegas Pro.

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Applies natural-looking motion blur by automatically tracking every pixel. ReelSmart Motion Blur in Action! Computer Arts Magazine. Essential for 3D. Automatic Tracking Automatic tracking of every pixel from one frame to the next. Fine Tune Variable amount of blur.

RSMB Release Notes for After Effects

Removal of Motion Blur Blur can also be removed! Object Separation Support for foreground and background separation using a specified matte.

Read more. View Tutorials. What You Get A full version of the plug-in.